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Originally Posted by Jever View Post
I voted for "dude you're a ***." I'm not sure what a/an *** is however I think that it was a good choice for me especially since I'm way too chickensh!t to ever get back on a bike again.

I had some fun riding however the overwhelming feeing of being scared out of my mind after losing 2 friends made me put down the kick stand forever.

Props to you guys with the balls to ride. I envy you. I've got enough road rash on me as it is, I don't care to go through that again.

I have to say that being on a Duccati doing about 140mph along the Autobahn was some good times. I had to buy new undershorts, but it was a rush for sure.
It was supposed to say "fagg" (minus a 'g'), I didn't think that'd be sensored...

That's too bad you don't ride, but you've got enough reason to be! This past summer I lost a close friend to a drunk driver that pulled out in front of him when he was on his GSXR. Some people are just plain f*cking stupid, and they make the roads dangerous for bikers. I never wore a jacket before (or a helmet most of the time), that's changing this year. Jacket, gloves, helmet are being worn every ride, no matter how hot or short the trip is.

BTW, my top speed so far has been right at 140 too, what a feeling! A very small part of me wanted to go faster, the majority of me said f*ck no!
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