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Originally Posted by Ryans E39 View Post
It was supposed to say "fagg" (minus a 'g'), I didn't think that'd be sensored...

That's too bad you don't ride, but you've got enough reason to be! This past summer I lost a close friend to a drunk driver that pulled out in front of him when he was on his GSXR. Some people are just plain f*cking stupid, and they make the roads dangerous for bikers. I never wore a jacket before (or a helmet most of the time), that's changing this year. Jacket, gloves, helmet are being worn every ride, no matter how hot or short the trip is.

BTW, my top speed so far has been right at 140 too, what a feeling! A very small part of me wanted to go faster, the majority of me said f*ck no!
A guy I grew up with got turned into a lawn dart. He was racing and a gal pulled out in front of him from a side street. He flew a good 100+ft head first into a light pole. Another friend of mine got "beer ponged" off of several mail boxes before he died.

Anything can happen on the road. Car, bike, hummer, whatever, sh!t can always go wrong....and it will. Shortly before one of my last rides a guy was on the highway when a truck kicked up a piece of plywood. It took the guys head clean off.

I've got my scars and one of my good buddies is now weathy from a Home Depot accident. I'll keep my fat ass on 4 wheels from now on. Honestly though, I do wish I could find it in me to ride. After driving cars on the Los Angeles freeways I have to wonder how one could ever survive the expedition.

Props again for you to getting out and riding. I hope you have awesome times and most of all hope you stay safe and the steel cagers don't run you over.
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