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Originally Posted by KrisL View Post
An impact with a minivan.

I was on a one-lane (but two direction) road (about 4 miles from here), came around a left hand blind corner, and there was a minivan in my "half" of the road. CHP ruled it no-fault. We were both probably going about 20-25. With more experience it wouldn't have happened, for sure.

I asked a buddy of mine that I ride with a lot, "why does it seem like I'm leaning over farther than you are? Is it due to my bike's center of gravity being higher?"

He replied, "uh, no dude, you just waaay late apex."

I hadn't even realized that my riding had completely changed after the crash. I'll wait until the last second and then throw the bike down into the corner... allowing me to see further through it before committing. This slows me down a *bit*, but it is of course the safer way through.
How could it be no-fault if the mini was in your lane...
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