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Originally Posted by E36 Phantom View Post
I'll just give you my carb cleaning experience:

Disassemble bike.
Fight with multiple oddly-designed pieces.
Splash fuel everywhere while removing the tank and struggling to plug fuel line
Drain fuel from carbs into plastic cups.
Begin disassembling carbs.
Notice plastic cups disintegrated, fuel everywhere.
Clean carbs.
Clean up area, notice carb cleaner somehow managed to get on roommate's dining table, removed several sections of finish.
Put carbs on bike.
Have multiple screws that attach carbs to bike snap heads off.
Make multiple trips to hardware stores searching for screws with one-off thread pitches.
Get carbs on, reassemble bike.
Bike won't start.
Partially disassemble bike.
Leave bike sitting in partially disassembled state in garage, ride old bike for 2 months.
Park car on street since it doesn't fit in garage with bike parts everywhere; get 2 parking tickets.
Have professional bike mechanic come pick non-operational bike up to properly service it.
Enjoy having a running bike.

Hope your experience is as enjoyable and painless as mine!
Damn.... have fun chadi!
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