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Originally Posted by BLT View Post
Thank you so much for your input, this is exactly what I thought. I plan on talking to the SA this afternoon and see if we can reach some sort of common ground.

The way I understand it is that brake rotors and pads are the friction pieces of the braking system. Brakes work by converting kinetic energy into thermal energy. If the rotor is too thin it overheats during extended hard braking and transfers that heat through the pads into the calipers boiling the brake fluid at that causes brake fade. I now have pads that can last another 40K miles working on rotors that may only last 2 or 3 thousand more miles.

What I don't know is if the indicator light will show when the rotors are below spec now that the pads and sensors have been replaced. One more thing, I have always been told that you can not re-use the pads on new rotors. The theory is they will transfer impurities and grit from the old rotor to the new ones and cause grooving and premature ware.

Regarding the Ferrari we were admiring my wives ex CEO brand new 430 Scuderia at Sears Point raceway last spring during an open trace event only to see him ball it up in trun 1 half way into his first session, it damn near made me cry. They are awesome machines.
The rotor thickness is not monitored and will not trigger any electronic warning. You can re-use good pads with new rotors. I have never known a problem to result. If the pads were noise free before the new rotors they will be noise free when properly seated in to the new rotors.
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