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Originally Posted by DSXMachina View Post
Hey BLT. Scroll UP to post 38 at 1 p.m. this afternoon. You missed it.
I disagree with Hack. That's not the way to run a business and that is why I get paid by customers who are told warrantee work would be done at no cost at the dealership. They dislike the dealer so much that they would rather pay me than take the car back and get it done for free. It is good for me that dealerships do treat people the way Hack suggests.
You should have been called and given the option as to what would you would like to do. End of discussion.
Oh no, I agree with you. If you're running an independent shop where you get paid regardless. Unfortunately, if you do run a dealership service department, there's not much choice...You get paid for the parts that you return to BMW, and you get paid whether that brake job took 40 minutes or 3 hours waiting on the lift, for 30 minute labor.

I take my car to my indie buddy down the street too for warranty work sometimes if I don't feel like the hassle of having to explain to the dealership what I need to have done, or have them half-@ssedly butcher a simple transmission and diff oil change because the mechanics aren't trained to do this stuff regularly, since BMW stopped paying for transmission and diff oil changes. The only time I go to the dealerships now are for recalls and the regular "free" maintenance stuff I already paid for when I bought the car.

But it is what it is. The ONLY way for a dealership to make money on these type of repairs, is to get customers in and out and off the lift as soon as possible. I'm not advocating it as a good business practice, and it's not. And that's the primary reason my indie shop buddy, who was the senior master mechanic at a local BMW dealership quit his somewhat well paid job to start his own business, because he doesn't like to treat his customers that way either. But from having some visibility into how dealership service departments are run, I can not blame them for doing business the way they do business.

Like I said, $150 in parts is the cost of hiring 2.5 porters for a day. Leaving said customer's car on the lift to call him about paying for the part, is the amount of time that they could get another warranty/maintenance service claim completed and billed to BMW NA. It's just business for most dealerships, where as for an indie shop, it's ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS.

Tell me if you don't agree.
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