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Originally Posted by TeamM3 View Post
I had a (now ex-) GF accuse me of already having it back in my mid-30s fifteen years ago because of my love for sportscars and racing

but anyways, I was looking at the new Ducati Streetfighter S the other day

I want one, badly

I haven't been on a bike since my teen years, used to motocross and enduro back then, but never had any desire to ride on the street. Had some good friends that were in extremely bad accidents with cars and such With the big 5-0 rolling up and no family I now have more of an "oh well" attitude about it

talk me out of it, please ....
Don't do it.

There, I tried to talk you out of it, just like you asked.

IMO, since you have no kids, and probably no intention of starting a family, and, I presume, no dependents, it is actually responsible of you to go for the gusto while you still can. Fifty ain't that old, but, it is getting up there, and, as you age from now on, there will continue to be things you can no longer do.

Do them while you can.

I hope that I have successfully talked you out of a life experience you want......

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