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Dimming and Tinting EAS Aurora Angel Eyes

In my opinion, LED Angel eyes are a little too harsh and too bright, unless you want to use them as daytime running lights.
In an effort to get a more subtle, OEM look, I dimmed and tinted my LED Angel Eyes.

I installed an adjustable dimmer on my EAS Auroras to tone them down so they would look good at dusk and at night.
I don't use them during the day. (BTW, these are the new, 15% brighter v1.1 Auroras.)

To install the dimmer, I spliced into the main power wire between the relay and the main power source. I wired them to come on with the fog lights and I do not use the wire that fades them on and off with the interior lights.

The rheostat, plastic "project box", and the knob are all from Radio Shack. The cost of all three parts was less than $10.

Installing the dimmer was easy...

- Just drill three holes in the project box.
- Solder the wires to the rheostat.
-Assemble the project box and attach it to the firewall. ( I attached it with HD velcro. )

I also "tinted" my LED Angel Eyes to reduce the individual LED, "pearl necklace" look. Auroras use a pattern that is moulded into the lens to diffuse the light and help blend the individual LEDs. However, that pattern is only on the front of the lens, leaving the sides of the lens clear. When viewed at an angle, the individual LEDs show up much more than when they are viewed straight on.

To fix this I tinted the sides of the rings with silver vinyl, the type of vinyl you would get at a sign shop. (1/4" x 11" strips) Silver vinyl is quite thin so 50% to 60% of the light still shines through, but it is diffused much better and the "pearl necklace" refections are all but gone.

The pictures below will give you an idea of how the silver vinyl looks and works...

BTW... you could experiment with different colored or translucent vinyls to get different colors or different looks, like carbon fiber patterned vinyls.

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