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Mine is a 04. I only have 2 issues with it. Between 1st and second at 3000RPM it will slip. It started doing this at 45k, so the dealer changed all the fluids and such and it wasn't near as bad. It's at 76k now and its starting to do the same, so I guess its time again. It is really starting to make me wonder what the real problem is or the solution for that matter. I think my dealer is doing more than a mere fluid change.....or least it seems like it. My second problem was the weird shifting patterns and just behavior. I would be cruising along and bam, it would down shift. Note I was going the same speed and I didn't accelerate or anything like that. Occasionally it would do the same thing, but up shift. Which was fine with me unless it really wasn't at a speed to do such, so it would push me along. I have to say driving in manual mode has pretty much eradicated almost all of these problems. The slipping only now occasionally happens when I accelerate then let off the gas, namely in traffic. Manual anything seems to be the fix for everything in this car lol.
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