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New 335d- engine braking, break in period?


I just purchased a 2009 335d (white, premium, sport, ipod, nav) over the weekend and had a few questions. Bear in mind this is my first BMW, first diesel, and first NEW car in general. The car is excellent and I really enjoy idrive and the ipod and phone integration in the car.

Engine braking: My previous cars just coasted to the end when I let off the throttle. I can definitely feel the engine braking, especially when it downshifts while slowing down. Is this normal? Is it a diesel or turbo thing? It seems like it would be less fuel efficient for the engine to do this, but I doubt that's the case.

Break in period: I'm trying to drive it easy still (only have 120 miles on it) and pretty much keep it below 2500 RPM. The car has so much torque, you can just live in the 1200-2200 RPM range or so. On a morning commute through Los Angeles with frequent slow down/speed up, I often sit at 1500-2000. Should I try to vary the engine RPMs more than by a few hundred RPMs? I honestly would have to manually downshift or hit the gas hard to get the RPMs above 2200 or so.

Well, thanks for any help you all can provide. As you can tell, I'm pretty new to this. I am really enjoying the car and can't wait until the break in period is complete so I can have some fun with it. For anyone interested in purchasing one, the engine is louder than I first thought and has a bit of the diesel noise to it. At a stop or low speeds I can hear it and it sounds like a big truck engine (just the quality of the sound, it's not that loud). I like the sound, personally, but don't remember hearing it while test driving since I was concentrating on all the other aspects of the car. So far, getting a bit over 26 MPG in daily commuting (stop and go/city for maybe 50% of the time), but that includes a good amount of engine idle time at the dealer.

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