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Congrats on the purchase! It is an awesome car, just got mine on saturday as well!

Originally Posted by Per the manual
Up to 1,200 miles drive at varying engine and road speeds but do not exceed 3,500 rpm or 93mph. Avoid full throttle operation and use of the transmission's kick-down mode.

After 1,200 miles engine and vehicles speeds can be gradually increased.
Kick down mode is the button at the end of pushing the throttle all the way down (thus pushing it completely to the floor). You really should be fine as long as you keep it within those guidelines, if you go over once dont freak out, it is just what is best for breaking in the parts.

As far as engine braking, that sounds normal to me. They are made to work like that and it should be no problem. When engine braking you are not using any fuel as it is cut off plus it saves on brake wear. With a Manual transmission it is used a lot in fact and now many automatics with better torque converters are using it to a certain extent as well when you let up off the throttle.

Around page 114 in your manual details all the break in and some engine braking/fuel saving tips.

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