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I assume it is an auto / auto paddles (you said "it downshifts.")

The BMW autos use a different programming than most that you are used to (and that I am used to.) When you step off the throttle, the BMW will leave the car in the gear you were in (still connected to transmission by torque converter) while most other autos will upshift to highest gear, which essentially feels like you are in neutral. It is kind of a compromise either way -- this way you can get back in the power zone to blast out of turns quickly, but it does create a weird engine braking sensation. When I drive a BMW loaner (I have MT) I always think it feels "funny" relative to a standard auto that you would get at Hertz etc.

Break in technique -- well, let's just say there are many opinions on this, and it is hard to really say what is best because it is simply difficult to prove any association between a given break-in technique and engine longevity. Some people will get all hot and bothered about this too (as you may find out.) If anybody is too much of an evangelist, take their opinion with some NaCl.

The short answer is: it probably doesn't matter. Your engine should last a long time, and the failure points will probably not be related to break-in technique.
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