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Originally Posted by 540iman View Post
I am lost as to what you are trying to accomplish
Thanks. You've been an immense help already! Much more than most!

Since this isn't an emergency, I have the luxury of attempting two things at the same time:
1. I'm trying to compile a good ABS DIY (with your help) so others have an easier time than we did
2. I'm trying to diagnose the cause of the problem (for myself, and for others to benefit from the diagnosis procedure)

For item 1, I don't mind doing a bit extra work (notice all the work annotating the pictures and editing the DIY for others). That's not for me. It's for others. With all your help, we can help others with this DIY.

For item 2, here's my current plan:
a) Continue to monitor the error messages with diagnostic tools (unfortunately, the errors seem to change over time)
a) Identify what is the purpose of the left inlet valve & where is it located (I called the local dealership and they never heard of it)
b) Choose how to test the pressure sensor (either strip the 3 wires or build a jig; I prefer to build a jig if I can - it's more graceful)
c) Test the left inlet valve ... if bad ... replace (bearing in mind it may be part of the hydro unit)
d) Test the pressure sensor ... if bad ... replace (bearing in mind a $100 test jig for a $100 part isn't feasible)
e) If both the inlet valve & pressure sensor test good ... rebuild ABS control module (thiis is probably where I'm gonna' end up anyway)

Does this sound reasonable as a test plan?

(I know most people would say "just skip to the last step"... and I'm fine with that as an end result ... but from a diagnostic standpoint, all indications currently are that it's a sensor, not the ABS control module).

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