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OK, I got one and installed it.

I have seen posts that this battery does not fit/ results in the cover being unable to fit.

The 49DL posts are years old, so maybe this is an update.

The 49DL will fit but-

1. you have to remove the old plastic post that clips the bottom of the OEM battery to the battery holder. It just flips out so no big deal. The OEM battery is smaller than the battery holder so this piece of plastic prevents lateral movement, it pops out and you need to pop it out because the 49DL is longer and will not sit with the plastic piece in place.
2. Next, you have to install the tube and extension clip to the 49DL to connect the evac tube to the existing evac tube. The fittings do fit but there is a right angle connection so make sure it is not crimped when you install the tension mount. The way to do it is to install the extention and tubing to the existing tubing in the car leaving it free. Make the connection to the battery last after the battery is put is in.
3. OK, so you have removed the plastic post and put in your tube extension, so put in the new battery, the 49DL. It just fits in the mount.
4. Connect the tubing to the evacuation nozzle. Its a right angle so be careful.
5. Put in the original brackets.
6. Here is where the problem occurs. The 49DL is lower than the original battery so the push down clamp will not hold it. If the push down clamp is pushed all the way in the battery still moves. You have to lay something on top of the battery (maybe 1/2" or so?) in order to clamp the battery down using the original clamp. I used 3 layers of speaker gasket tape and it was not enough. Finally laid a section of floor molding on top of that and it did the trick. Searching on the internet reveals that a hockey puck will work.
7. The battery posts are the same dimensions (I think) as the originals so you don't need to rework the clamps. At least I didn't. Just connect the + first and - second (at least that is what the directions say to do).
8. You need to remove the red + cover from the 49DL and install the BMW cover. Guess what? The cover pops out and there are 2 holes that will allow the original OEM BMW cover to pop right in. Not perfect but close enough.
9. The trunk battery cover will fit over all of this no problem but its hard to know if your tubing was pressed (and no longer works) because you cannot see what happened. Be careful and good luck.

So there you have it, a 49DL does indeed fit but involves a small amount of tweaking to get right.

I have seen posts on the internet that the + and - terminals are swapped- they are not. They are in the right spot. Posts that the plastic cover will not fit are also not correct. The only drawbacks are the right angle evacuation tube that is a tight fit and the low height which needs a shim.

Price was $89 + $12 ($12 refunded when you return old battery) as of June 2009 from AutoZone. The dealer quote was $202 for an OEM battery.

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