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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
Apparently OP is making similar claims as RP and not backing them up, again, just like RP. Sorry, I don't care how the engine sounds with RP, I need to see how it shears with mileage and from what specs (unpublished by RP for some reason).

These engines (M50, S50) are predecessors of the more modern M54, S54 and have similar lubrication requirements are the latter, if not the same. If your e36 started their lives with dino, then fine, any BRAND name (Mobil, Castrol) oil will do fine with the correct weight mentioned in your manual. However, if you're using synthetic, my recommendation for synthetics are GC 0W-30, Mobil 1 0W-40 or BMW HP 5W-30. These are also successors of what BMW calls "special oils" in their manuals for e34 and e36 (and some e39). These have the correct HTHS viscosity of minimum 3.5 as required. Many analysis results could be found on these oils on our engines online. Just google it.
OP is only providing anecdotal evidence on brands, not hard facts .

I mentioned RP because it's frequently recommended here and elsewhere. I don't really like the lack of data from them either. I have seen some presumably independent tests rank RP as good stuff so I don't think it's going to create any problems, but as I mentioned in my OP I don't think anyone's gonna get the HP gains that they claim, or anything else. What I do know is that my cars haven't exploded, and they run nicely and lifter tick is audibly reduced on vehicles that have it. Also, it's a proper Grp IV/V synthetic, unlike many of the synthetics sold here. I don't think it's miracle oil, but it works well for me and I see no reason to doubt that it's an excellent product. That's all - nothing more, nothing less.

Also, you're entirely wrong about the M50 having similar lubrication requirement as an M54. They were changed significantly, and different factors have contributed to M54s calling for lighter oils than BMW called for in M50s.
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