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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
"Calling for lighter oils" is on the same grounds as RP's or your claims. What is "lighter"? Early M54s called for LL-98 oil, which was based on what BMW called "special oils" that are primarily selected for long drain intervals and NOT because of the slight differences between M54 and M50 engines.

What are those significant changes that you speak of? VANOS? You know later M50s also had a single vanos, right? I suggest you to read the thread I linked below.

If you're using those oils in the car in your sig, you're not only using the wrong viscosity in your car per your manual, but also losing gas mileage and hp. Especially the 15w50 weight (which I believe to be the Mobil 1's 15w50 in your case), whether it be a synthetic or dino, has never been an approved weight for any BMW engine at any time per their TIS's. Still, for some unknown reason the e36 M3 guys seem to like this oil too much I'd rather run Castrol's 10W-60 that is approved for S54s.

Here's a nice thread for both of you:
I was going to delete the portion of your response addressed to Philip and just focus on the part to me, but there's so much blatantly wrong information in it that I felt compelled to address it as well.

I'll go bullet point format:
Lighter oil: Referring to viscosity. Has nothing to do with claims by myself or RP, quit getting ahead of yourself there buddy. Since you asked "What is 'lighter?", please allow me to answer: the one with the lower number.

Early M54s: .....are not M50s, are they? What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. You are correct that the LL-98 spec primarily deals with breakdown tendencies and length of interval. BMW specified LL-xx (Long Life) oils so they could extend the oil interval way the hell to 15,000+. If you're not being retarded and changing oil at 15,000 miles, LL-spec oils are NOT necessary. For people that know better than that, and change at a proper 6-8,000 mile interval on full synthetic, the LL-spec oils mean virtually nothing.

M50TU Engines: Of course I know M50s had VANOS, all but one production year of E36s with the M50 had the single VANOS engines (M50TU). Listed in my OP is the oil viscosity chart for vehicles with the M50TU engine. You would do well to go look at it. From the M50->M52 there was very little change at all. From the M52->M54, and even more so from the M50->M54, the internals designs changed much more from my reading. The design changes included differences that made the engines more receptive to lower viscosity oils as I understand it.

15W-50 oil: "has never been an approved weight for any BMW engine at any time"?????? Are you kidding me? Again, refer to the chart, straight from the M50TU owners' manual, in my OP. 15-50 is perfectly acceptable in S50 engines. Personally, I don't like the large difference in cold and at-temp weights so I wouldn't run it, but to say it's never been approved is hilariously incorrect.

Anyway, sorry Sean, it sounds like you're fairly knowledgeable about more recent BMWs, but apparently E36s are not your forte. I suggest you do some reading up first and correct your understanding. I read through the OP in the thread and it had some good info, much of which happens to support what I've said.
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