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Originally Posted by E36 Phantom View Post
Since you asked "What is 'lighter?", please allow me to answer: the one with the lower number.
A common misconception. Try again.

Originally Posted by E36 Phantom View Post
If you're not being retarded and changing oil at 15,000 miles, LL-spec oils are NOT necessary. For people that know better than that, and change at a proper 6-8,000 mile interval on full synthetic, the LL-spec oils mean virtually nothing.
Sounds like you've done a lot of research finding the "proper" OCI for synthetics. Mind if i see some of your data pointing to 6-8k? I've been doing similar research with oil analyses on samples from my M52TU to try to find the optimum interval, but have yet to come up with a conclusion.

Also, i'd like to point out one of your logical fallacies here: If LL-01 oils are not necessary for shorter changes, then are you saying that they are necessary for 15k changes? If so, whats the difference between using a lower quality synthetic and changing it more often, and using an LL-01 and changing it less often? Personally, i'll use a LL-01 that has been through the approval process and known to be within spec for my engine. High quality oil is high quality oil, no matter how long you leave it in. Saying that the approval is not necessary is a very ignorant statement to make. The ACEA, SAE, BMW, etc. develop standards like these for a reason.

Originally Posted by E36 Phantom View Post
Anyway, sorry Sean, it sounds like you're fairly knowledgeable about more recent BMWs, but apparently E36s are not your forte. I suggest you do some reading up first and correct your understanding. I read through the OP in the thread and it had some good info, much of which happens to support what I've said.
Sorry phantom. It sounds like you are fairly knowledgeable about E36s, but apparently oil is not your forte. I suggest you so some reading up on BITOG and gain some understanding of some of the basic characteristics of oils, and how these characteristics contribute to it being LL-01 or not (or any other standard).
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