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Originally Posted by KelseysBMW View Post
My car started buring oil out of the exhaust tip in light blue clouds. I was so upset because everyone kept telling me I blew by engine or cracked my head. My dad was mad at first because that's what he tought too and as he said (Kels, cars don't blow oil out of the exhaust because nothing happened) but that's exactly what happened. I was driving responsibly and all of the sudden I'm crop dusting. I live in Florida so there was no "freezing" issue that caused my CCV to break. It just did.

Anyways, I went online to see if anyone else had this problem and found my way here. After looking at the pictures and not having an extra $500 to donate to the BMW dealer I decided (with proding from my Dad) to do the repair myself. Keep in mind I am a 16 year old girl with little to no car repair experience. I picked up the part for $68 and went to work. I would look at the first picture and then go out to the garage and do the first step, then come back and check to make sure the step I did was correct. One step at a time being real careful I was able to work through it. My Dad kept tabs on the progress and helped a little with tool selection and hidden bolts. Even though I was real careful, I did have to replace one hose that fell apart when I touched it. (the lower hose) Since mine was a 3 series and not a 5 series some of the pictures were not identicle, but I could see what I was supposed to do anyway.

My Dad said that nobodywould believe that a 16 year old girl could do it herself so I have pictures to prove it! Car ran GREAT when I was done and no more SMOKE!! I was so excited and proud that I did this. So, no excuses you guys, get to it. Oh, and for the man in Germany that designed that hose routing and CCV placement on this engine, you should be working for a Hampster cage factory because you suck.
GREAT JOB!!!! so you changed out your oil sperator ? how long did it take you ? did you get burning oil smell from inside the cabin ? or just outside the exhaust ? excellent job for a 16year old girl..... imagine you were 30 ? you prolly own the world lol....

GUYS I FOUND THE LINK... take a look
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