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There are other re-builders for less not mentioned BTW. ATE (ATE1234 on Ebay) charges $105. I do not believe the fuel gauge is tied to the ABS module per se', but the fuel useage system is. It needs inputs from the speed sensors just as the speedometer/odometer do to calculate fuel usage and fuel remaining. I believe it is the fuel remaining calc. that gets so jacked up by levels being sent from the fuel gauge, but no input that mileage is being put on the vehicle but fuel is being consumed with no speed sensor output. There is a lot of incest between the BMW systems; they share inputs and look at each other for confirmation they are ok.

The reason for the yaw sensors and angle sensors being tied-in is because the Dynamic stability control uses them. The DSC uses the ABS system to do its thing. ABS and DSC work in tandem-if one is sick, the other has sympathy pains.
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