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I see Jared at EAC Tuning has kindly made available the aluminum headlight adjusters! That's wonderful.

Before I go out and buy a full set of four, I still am not sure mine are broken. Of course, I know enough now how to take apart the headlights but rather than take apart the headlights twice, do we have a definitive procedure for testing if the headlight adjusters are truly broken?

My symptoms (collectively) are:
- Headlights are pointing downward too much
- I can adjust up/down but not enough up to compensate
- I can't seem to adjust side/side for some strange reason
- On each side, the one bulb in rubber wiggles a lot (but it's in rubber)
- On each side, the other bulb doesn't wiggle at all when I move it with my hand.

Of course, I 'suspect' the headlight adjusters are broken ... but is there a more definitive test I can perform?
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