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Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
I had a 1967 Pontiac GTO at age 16. It didn't have anywhere close to the handling of the M3, nor all the safety advances, but I survived it just fine.

You can do stupid stuff in any car. Most cars will hit 100 with no problem, and at least an M is a safer car at that speed than most cars out there today.

It's not the age. It's the ability and skill level. Also the common sense level.
When I was 18, I had a Pontiac Firebird Formula. It had a 5.7L TPI (the same engine that was in the Vette at the time). For the time it was really powerful, I was even able to drive it in the snow and yes it didn't have any electronic nannies either. I never got a speeding ticket and I didn't do stupid things with it. However I can't say the same about 3 of my good friends, who drove high powered cars like idiots and made the county a lot richer because of it. Luckily nothing bad happened to them but looking back in time now, I can say they were really fortunate. The point is there are exceptions to every rule. Your typical 19 year old shouldn't have a high powered car. You and I weren't the typical but I also realize now how just one case of poor judgement can effect you for the rest of you life. My son is 10 and when he starts driving if he has the means and wants a high powered car, the only way I would agree is if he has a good instructor and spends time at the track. If he knows what the car is capable of and how to handle it, then he will understand better the consequences of what can happen on a public road. You give a new driver a high powered car and send him out on public roads and tell him, "Don't drive fast, don't see what it can do." What do you think is most likely to happen?
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