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Hm i went for it and i think i lost.

BMW e39 520 early 2000, replacement module.

Pictures illustrate process.

High resolution pictures.

I tried to solder point large enough forme to hit.
However ChopperDoctor was right there are approx 10 connecting wires max 1 hair thick and approx 20 that are 0,5-1 mm thick., that i knew i could solder right. They are soo small they are hardly visible on the picture.

My result: im giving in and getting a time at a dealer to get i fixed, well knowing it will cost me half of the cars value.


Possible trigger brake fluid changed to racing type.

Failure type both dcs and abs light on either from start or while running. not consistent.

failed occasionally
changed front sensors

still failed
shop changed rear sensors. + discs and fluid.

worked approx 3 weeks, then went into safe mode = 20-30 km pr hour.

DSC computer refurbed
still failed

left tire assembly changed(bearing, bearing house etc).
worked for approx 1 month.

final step ... i hacked replacement ecu into pieces.

The test computer typically stated error on at least two sensors, and the dcs computer.

Failure types along the way(while dcs indicated error):

cruisecontrol failed some times.
Speedometer failed in a period, started working without any changes.
engine went into safe mode.
Radio volume racing up and down.

the weird thing about this car is that the error continues to move around and it isnt stable. sometimes it works (hot or cold), sometimes not.

If lights are intermitant as mine you may end up in a situation, where abs will not accept full brake force. It will start to override(pedal vibration) you at approx 25% brake load. luckily it will disengange completly in approx 1-2 seconds. Problem is you never know when this happens and you may need 100% brake when pedal is pressed.

I will report back what had to be changed to get it to work. Im fearing that this car has severe electrical issues, as my rear bulb indicator is on, but the bulbs are fine. the cigar plug doesnt work either, but fuse is good.
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