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Originally Posted by obi.wan View Post
Sounds as if they are sticking to coughing up the repair on a case by case basis

This is certainly something I dont look forward to, the problem and the whole idea of "negotiating"
Well it is extra ownership stress that we all don't need. Claiming it is due to "external factors" is ridiculous. The car should be able to withstand a reasonable amount of rain, dust, tree crud, whatever to some degree. Obviously I don't expect the car to work underwater. But claiming that "the trees did it" is just lame. We've had the car less than 2 years and I've had cars sitting under trees for years without an issue of sunroof leaking, providing you keep them washed.

I think the biggest issue is that we (the owners) have no way of easily telling if a) drains are blocked and b) leaking water in the electronics bay until you get a failure message.

You can't even check in there because you have to remove the battery/cover etc, dealer wasn't even able to show me where the water collects!!!!

People with the earlier cars at least have something to point to (the replacement cassette) but once it is replaced I expect you'll get the same treatment as 08+ owners.

The tree crud in my drains was pretty fine - think about it, it has to get by the glass/rubber joint of the sunroof, so this is not a big bunch of leaves, just pollen/dust etc mixed with water, and some pine needles (which also shouldn't be able to get by the glass/rubber seal of the roof!)

Note also my sunroof glass was adjusted because it was catching. (maybe they made the gap too big?)

The sunroof on my Subaru doesn't leak a single drop past the glass/rubber seal. It would have to be a huge downpour for that thing to leak into the cassette.

I am pretty disappointed in the BMW ownership experience. I think the dealership has generally been pretty good about resolving issues but an issue like this should be fully supported and resolved on BMWNA's nickel, under warranty.
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