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At least you can rest well tonight knowing it is not only you who has been "had" by one of these chain companies.

I went with "wheel works" and actually had been going with wheel works for years, at least for my rubber. When I got my BMW they told me this and that and I ended up with a gargantuan bill (there are threads related >< ).

I plan to go to a better than "reputable" shop next time. Someone, and I'm venturing out on a branch by saying this, but it may have been Phillip, told me something very true of these shops; most of the mechanics there are there on their first jobs, and just learning how to do stuff themselves, once they can actually perform tasks at a better than "OK" level they move on; the level of service your car see's at most of these places is pathetic.

I found out after the fact, but won't let it happen again.

Edit: sorry if that was more like a rant... I remembered that the reason I so vehemently wrote all the above in response was that in the end, they told me they could not properly align my car and that it had in fact become worse when they were trying.
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