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Originally Posted by cablue View Post
Diesel in my area, Sierra foothills, near Sacramento is .20/gal. less than premium. Diesel is the only way I'd get an X5. I'm looking at maybe ordering one within a week or so. Heard conflicting info on whether I can get the $4500 discount if getting car after 8/31 by ordering. Any input? Thanks!

Funny, that's how I describe my location too.

Have you ordered yet? There really isn't much time between 8/31 and the 2010 arrivals. Indeed, I had heard that 'early to mid August' is when they start 2010 orders!

Mine is inbound, should arrive within a week or two. Initially the dealer was doubtful it would make the 8/31 cutoff. They were able to convert one of their 'dealer stock' orders to mine. It was ordered on July 8, and was out of manufacturing on 7/23!!!

Initially, my plan was to just see what transpired- if it missed the 8/31 day, and they wanted $4500, I would have said "Oh? Really? I've decided I want a 2010, lets order THAT instead!" No need for that now....

I've got to think that BMW would be insane to effectively raise the prices on the last month of the 2009 MY by $4500. One might envision even more trunk money. The other possibility is killer lease terms to let dealers move this last bunch...

If you want to compare notes on dealers, PM me we can chat...



PS Fuel cost is really low on my list- I am more 'irritated' by low mileage,plus the torque on the diesel is amazing- wonderful driveability.
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