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I just fixed mine and took a bunch of pics. I will get them on here as soon as possible.

Here is my summary.
Remove door skin. There are four Torx bolts to get removed. Two are under the pretty wood handle that can be pried off carefully, another one is under the unlock handle, and another bolt is under the arm rest under a piece of plastic.

Pry off door skin with something flat and smooth so I won't hurt the leather, start at the bottom and work your way around to the top. Detach all wiring from the panel, speaker and window switch, and the mechanical mechanism from the door handle to the door. The top part of the door skin by the window pulls straight back towards you, not up like most door skins.

After the door skin is removed, use a razor blade to peel back the vapor/sound barrier by cutting into the rubber adhesive, don't cut the foam, you can push it all back together when you are done.

After you have access to the window motor area, turn on the car and make the window go down so you can get to the plastic hanger that holds the window on the internal guide rail. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get into it. Push your window down and gently detach it from the white slider block, there is a tab in the white plastic that inserts into a hole in the window. After the window is released from the block, push up the window and tape it up using some masking tape so that it won't slide down into you work area and break or crush you fingers.

Remove the motor assembly by removing the three bolts holding it to the door, then you can see the white plastic block and how it moves the window up and down the rail with the cable. There is a nut that is supposed to sit in the plastic, that is where mine was broken. Fix it however you can, I used 5minute epoxy and a zip tie for insurance. So far it's working.

I'll get some pics in here later so everyone can really see what it looks like.

Good luck !!
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