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I have tried it all when it comes to chips, old school fill and sand, air brush, langka, dr colorchip. Mind you, I am picky.

While my favorite technique for larger chips in small quantities is the old fill and sand (I use the eraser/polish technique often spoken off)... it really does not take all that long. I had a different issue on one of my cars. The edge of the hood on my 7 looked like some one had ran a sand blaster over it. Hundreds of very small chips. You could only see them from a few+ feet away and to really make it obvious, you needed to get down and sight along the panel. No way was I going to fill each and everyone by hand and finish out with my preferred technique.

Enter Dr ColorChip. Following the directions to the letter, I tried is on a small area on my hood. WOW. Could not believe the difference. All those tiny 'chips' virually disappeared. The larger ones still where concave but you could hit it again to build it up (that works) or resort to the old method. Either way, it saved me huge amounts of time... or a trip to the body shop. Now, you really have to look much more closely to tell that they where ever even there.

Bottom line, for large amounts of very small chips... give it a try.
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