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Originally Posted by soroush3344 View Post
Thanks you guys. I bought the :eBay, eLuka, $36.99+shipping, pics below (inc. in-glovebox installation):

I'll receive next week. I'll let you know how it goes. Anyone know how to remove the stereo?
I received mine last week, from BavAuto. Together with it (and a set of Pagid Red brakepads), I got the puller kit consisting in six nylon tools that allow you to remove all the trim pieces without marring them. Worked so well that I'm tearing apart the driver's door panel this weekend cause I am sick and tired of the creaking from the armrest. But I digress... Here's the relevant link I had posted earlier in this same thread:

Note that he did it on a car with standard transmission, so there's more room to maneouver the console pieces. If you have a Steptronic, you have to disconnect three cables that energize the shift indicator LEDs, before you can move the shift boot out of the way. That is, of course, if you want to put the jack next to the DSC button up front. If you put it in the glovebox it will be way easier.

After you plug the radio head unit back in, you may have to reset the AREA setting in service mode. Mine reset to EUROPE. More info, see here.

2006 325Ci
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