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Post Exhaust Mods/DDM

I also have an e36 323is, so I feel your pain as far as modding goes. I know this is a pretty old thread, but this info might still be helpful to you.

First off, the exhaust on the e36 323 is the same as that on the 318. There is only one pipe (instead of two) from the midpipe back. There aren't many (if any) aftermarket exhausts for this car but, instead, you could get the midpipe section (incl. the cat) off of a 325, 328 or an M3 and then have much more to choose from in terms of cat-back exhausts.

If that's too expensive, a great little mod that's practically free is called the 'Golf Tee Mod.' In one of your twin tailpipes, (the central one) there is a spring loaded butterfly valve that is closed at idle and below 2,500rpm. Its purpose is to keep the car quieter at idle and, or so I've heard, create back pressure in the exhaust system. If you get under the car and remove a small rubber vacuum hose from the module next to your tailpipes and then plug the hose with a golf tee, it will keep the valve open and allow your exhaust to flow more freely below 2,500 rpm. It doesn't have any negative effect on performance and sounds really nice. There's a deeper idle note and you can hear a little backfiring and burbliness more clearly when you let off of the throttle. Here's a more detailed DIY for your consideration.

^^Props to Caligula of for this DIY. is also a GREAT site for BMW Mods. Awesome products and low prices.

Good luck with the mods!
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