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Originally Posted by TheLiquidChild View Post
The only things I have done so far are the Conforti Chip, and the Conforti cold air filter. Next month will be exhaust. I'm torn between SuperSprint, Scorpion and BavAuto's tri-flo. So far Scorpion is in the lead though
Please don't go with scorpian.... the only person who will be stung is you

Supersprint is a great exhaust with tons of R&D and proven results on the dyno and on the track, and it also has a large following. It is not my first choice, but its far and beyond Scorpian, who I didn't even bother to capitalize the first time 'round.

My mods are in my signature, I am also awaiting a pair of Adjustable Rear Control Arms from Bimmerworld, once those arrive I will be installing my DDM coilovers (and the A.RCA's with them, obviously) with my friend and local 'Fest member, CMY_Bimmer (and any other S.F. Bay Area members who want to join in on the carnage!). We will also more than likely toss in my Utopian-Steroid-Version Stewart Components Performance Water Pump, my Brand-New-Crispy-White Coolant Expansion tank, and Hardcore-to-the-Core Aluminum T-Stat Housing.

After all this is done and I work for a month I will be ordering/having installed/worked-on M3 Front and Rear Bumper, Sideskirts, Mouldings (motorsport symbols, no fake ///M for me), and having my car repainted, hopefully to the tune of around 1500-2000 dollars.

After my body work is done, because it is needed more and more daily... I will be reworking my intake/exhaust system (3.5 intake, larger throttle body, headers, exhaust) and chipping.

Then it is replacing my failing tensioner and idle pulleys (damn things are noisy as hell on start up if I don't spray them every couple of days with lube ((wd-40 most the time, seafoam deepcreep/silicone spray if I'm doing well on money))-) which will also call for a pulley set from either UUC/R.E/Ruff/EuroSport, have not decided.

After my engne noises are taken car of from the pulleys I will be going into wheels/brakes. I really want style 5's for the rim and something pretty aggresive for the rubber. The brakes I will probably go with zimmerman cross drilled/slotted rotors, Motorsport Calipers (too much money for a big brake, save it until I upgrade, F.I. engine), and SS brake-lines.

Then it will be various things for my engine without actually going inside. BavAuto Performance Coils for example.

Whew that took a long time, sorry if I bored you, but you opened the door...
Looking for a nice classic 2002, 1972-75 preferred
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