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2004 X3 Jerking

Hi guys, I have a 2004 X3 that I have owned for about 15 months now. I bought it at a dealer as a CPO with 36k miles. It now has 55k.
Ok, after a few months I noticed my car would kinda jerk several times when i would let off the gas going about 40mph in drive or 30mph in sport mode. The dealer checked it out and replaced the fluid in the transfer case. Well that didnt fix anything. They then replaced the transfer case, after about a week i noticed it again. The dealer had me come in and drive the tech around to recreate the jerk while he had his scan tool attached. I got the car to do it for 2 city blocks straight. The tech said his scanner didnt see a problem but would send the data off to bmw to look at. Well they said to reprogram the computer....didnt help. Changed the help. Replaced the transmission.....didnt fix it. Regional tech came out and told the dealer to replace the injectors, coils and wires....thanks for the parts but still not fixed..Im about done with bmw..anyone have any input on my problem.

Just a sidenote. The car will do it several times when you dont look for it. Its not so easy to make it jerk on demand, tho i can with a few miles of driving. The dealer has been chasing this for over 9 months now. I live over 100 miles from the dealer this is getting old.
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