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t3h bored threadz - non-e30 chatter

I don't recall bimmerfest having a random post whatever the hell you want thread. At least not for the e30 section. i think we should.

im bored.

Basically i requested it to be a thread where you can bullsh*t about anything, flame here, cause drama here, do whatever. BUT IF YOU'RE FEELINGS GET HURT DO NOT BITCH TO A MODERATOR. I WILL STATE RIGHT HERE THAT THIS IS AN ANYTHING GOES THREAD, ONCE YOU ENTER THIS THREAD YOU ARE SUBJECT TO ANYTHING.

Claver suggested: It is forbidden to advertise, spam or announce other personal Web pages for their own benefit.

**NWS (Not Work Safe) images are NOT allowed**. No pornography or anything that has to do with it. If you want to share pictures of the sort do it through PM's. Keep this thread going to save all the unnecessary bullsh*t from overflowing into other threads.

If anyone has anything else i should add PM me.

This e30 is now being parted out. NO body panels are for sale, bumpers/fenders/hood/mirrors/valance or front turn signals. Everything else is up for grabs. Euro grills/cluster are sold, suspension/brakes/LSD/rear tails are already spoken for.

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