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I voted for the E38 because i used to own one (2001) untill i sold it and bought the E66 (2003). Design-wise, the E38 was the best 7er but technology-wise the E66 wins hands down. I loved the design of the E38 because the height was just wasn't too long and it was wide enough for it's proportion. I just hated the front cup holders that came with the E38. Other than that, it was my favorite 7er.

The technology on the E66 was awesome and the best so far; the iDrive, dynamic drive controller, active steering, pull-out phone pad, soft-close doors, remote trunk open/close, well designed front cup holders and the biggest center console storage in a 7er. Almost everything was controlled with the iDrive and i loved it because people couldn't mess with most of the stuff; radio, a/c, etc whenever they got in the car. It was my plan to keep my E66 as a collectors item for me but i messed up and traded it in. I took care of that car very well and never had any issues with it despite all the issues that others were having with the first generation E66. Can't see myself buying a used E66 for keeps though.

With all that said, the F02 has being a great ride so far and it's just awesome driving it. Just for kicks, i went to a mercedes dealership and told the sales rep it was his job to convince me to trade-in my 09 750Li for 09 S600. He gave me the key and told me to take it for a ride for as long as i want. After almost 45 minutes of driving the S600 around town and on the interstate, i couldn't see myself ditching the 750Li. The mercedes felt good driving but something was missing interms of the sportiness. When i got back to the dealership the sales rep was all excited and even had the paper work ready but i told him the S600 didn't have the sport handling of the which he admitted but said the S600 was more luxurious than the 750Li. I politely disagree with him, got into my car and as soon as i got on the interstate i switch into Sports + mode and enjoyed the ride back home.
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