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Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. I have gone thru a ton of posts and learned as much as I could on the 6er. I'm in the market for an 05 or 06 coupe or vert, depending on the price I can get. I test drove an 06 w/ 28k miles on it w/ a price of $39k, but this was a month ago and I had really just started doing my research. I have now found an 06 vert w/ 50k miles for $42k. It is a CPO, 1 owner lease and has a ton of options. Perf/Sport pkd, heads up, night vision, comfort, sound, cold weather. My question is, it that a good price? and do I really need all these options? How often do people really use the night vision? Also how important is the CPO, I can prob find some less expensive coupes w/ out the CPO. I haven't called my insurance yet, but does anyone know if verts are more expensive than a coupe? Anything else I should ask the dealer? Thanks for any help! This forum has been a great help in my research!!
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