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Hmmm maybe all of you guys would like to assist me in finding a clean short bumper Alpine White coupe shell? Preferably no motor/blown motor, no wheels, no brakes etc because this project will have to be on a budget.
50 bonus points for anyone who finds someone in need of an E36 M3 shell!

Edit: This is what I'm looking for-

AW short bumper IS - CLEAN body, and good paint
Black drip rails
Manual trans (I know it doesnt matter because I'm swapping the tranny, but I dont feel like doing the 3 pedal swap or trying to find a 5mt crossmember)
Manual sunroof - the coolest f*cking thing BMW ever put on a vehicle, ever
Preferably LSD - I'd like to leave the 3.15 on the M3 so I can get more for it
Good interior, seats dont matter because I can use the vaders if need be. I would eventually like to find E30 M3 seats, but that isnt urgent
No spoiler - I want to add an E30 M3 spoiler or a Hartge M3 rep spoiler

Thats about it, I dont give a sh*t about mileage as long as it's it good shape.

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