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Originally Posted by Zer0z4 View Post
u know i started wondering how old u guys are since u guys are doing swaps and stuff. Im 21 what about u guys?
most of us are between 17 (me) to early 20s.

I havent gone to pick up the sentra yet. im waiting for my friend to get home (he has an Izuzu VehiCross.. very cool truck haha) and then we are gunna go and pick it up.

the weather is nice today though, so i started taking the engine out of the Lada, as i have nothing else to do at the moment. done the exhaust, radiator, peripials such as the fuel pump etc. im thinking im going to have to do a full rewire. the headlights and things that i need to keep are coming from the same loom that controls the pumps and engine stuff.

i measured up the engine bay and im going to have to cut the firewall a bit. otherwise the engine is going to be sitting too far forward, and with no power steering as it is thats going to be recipe for disaster. i also have to sort out where the radiator is going as well because thats not going to fit inside the engine. i was thinking if i can mount the engine low enough then i could try a top mount radiator, and have a bonnet scoop.

for the record, yes im releasing my inner rice on the Lada, complete with 17" mags on the front and bikkies on the back (standard 13s in case you dont call them bikkies in the states), and a big bore exhaust. both of those my friend has from when he wrote off his Lancer. hes trying to get me to put the big bore onn the bimmer but its not going to happen lol

Edit: forgot to mention at this stage im about 70% sure the M20 currently in Ethrty is going into the Lada, after the swap to the M50. that way i dont have to buy another engine for the Lada, and whats more, of course im not going to repower the Lada by anything other than BMW!

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