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Originally Posted by Zer0z4 View Post
interesting we all seem to be around the same age. So how did u guys learn to fix cars, me I just kinda always liked taking things apart even though i probly wouldnt be able to put it back together right away but we all have to start somewhere i guess.feels good when someone way older has to ask for help with their car cuz they dont know sh!t about it, specially nice when its a hot chick. God damn i must be bored to be writing this oh well.
this is t3h bored threadz after all

This e30 is now being parted out. NO body panels are for sale, bumpers/fenders/hood/mirrors/valance or front turn signals. Everything else is up for grabs. Euro grills/cluster are sold, suspension/brakes/LSD/rear tails are already spoken for.
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