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Originally Posted by downhiller View Post
so today i took on the challenge of swapping control arms. i had the pelican parts procedure memorized so the job would go a tid bit faster. so i start tearing into things, it took more time to find an impact then it did to take everything but the upper ball joint nut off.

so im running throu everything in my head remembering what pelican said. lower vehical an get from top. upon lowering the car and trying to get the nut from the top i ran into a small problem, the exhaust manifold was in the way.

i didnt want to remove the manifld, because i know the gasket is bad and dont want to make it worse and no one in this town had one. so i get the car back in the air and try everything else possible. that wasnt gunna happen. at this time im pissed off, busted a knucle on the exhaust, and they were goin to close the shop in 30 minutes. so im at the point, attempt the remove manifold and finish it, or put it back together and have a shop do it.

i decided to put it back together and have someone else do it. my main resoning, i looked on the drivers side to see how hard that was gunna be. yea i can do it, but i dont want to think of how im goin to get an impact in there and remove that nut.

so im depressed that i couldnt finish something i started and the fact im goin to take it somewhere to have it worked on.
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