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ContourHD Helmet Cam review

Got a ContourHD ($299) and a 16gb microSD card ($45).

Mounts nicely to the helmet.. a mount sticks to the side and then it "clips" into the mount with some industrial strength hard plastic velcro-type stuff. It's got some laser pointers so you can see where the helmet is pointed and so you can make sure it's oriented correctly (you can spin the entire barrel through a 180 degree range).

The battery lasts about 90 minutes.

Operationally, my only complaint is that you have to hold down a button to turn it on before you flip a large sliding switch forward to enable recording. It seems silly that you need to turn it on first - it should simply record with the large sliding switch.

Video quality I'll rate it a "C"... Doesn't quite react to light/shadows as fast as I'd hope, but it's good. Audio is also a "C", lots of wind noise at speed. I'll have to find the mic so I can tape over it or something.

I was disappointed to discover that it would not charge while recording with a normal USB cable. I had purchased a cigarette lighter to USB adapter in advance, disassembled it, and soldered battery leads to it giving me a hard-wired USB port for the bike so that I could record with this thing all day. Turns out that in order for the cam to even turn on while it's plugged into USB, you have to buy their special cigarette lighter USB adapter. I purchased it and I plan on hooking my micrometer to the pins and posting the pinout so that others can make them without spending $20 on one . With their adapter, I should be able to record all day (16gb microsd will give me about ~8 hours of recording). I have their "universal" (tripod) mount on order and plan on making a front fork mount for it. That should give a pretty neat POV.

My critical "grades" aside, I'm still happy with the purchase. It's pretty bitchin .

and of course, some samples from a ride today.

A goat trail in the area:

and a much nicer smooth road:

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