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Originally Posted by Randy Forbes
Hey Jon,

I got one for you; how can I get my ///M Dragon that is now at the bottom of each of my posts over to the avatar?

When I go to "my page" it won't let me change the do not use avatar mode.

I would then put a shot of the Hearing Associates/Leather Z M Rdstr at the bottom of my posts...
Randy and Jayhox,

Avatars are a sticky subject (no pun intended) at Bimmerfest. Some folks are pretty serious about those. Supposedly, you need 1000 posts to get one. The trick is, most Bimmerfest people tend to post about 900 useless posts, 50 semi-interesting off topic ones, and 50 helpful posts. Then they get 1000, then they get an avatar.

Scott and Andy and I could talk Shafer into getting you guys avatars - despite your dismal post counts (that is sarcasm by the way) - but then all of the E46 fruitbats would go nuts. Even though they don't come in here very often. It'd be anarchy toadfly-style. I'm not sure it's a good idea.

On the other hand, of all the posts in the Z-series forum, I'd say about 1% are off topic and/or not useful. Almost all are worth reading and high quality. So maybe we should be judged by a different standard.

Also, Shafer did mention a clause about if you are a "founding member" of Bimmerfest, the 1000 post avatar deal could be waived. I think Randy, Stygar, Max, TeamZ4, Linquist, Gary Brown, and a few others certainly qualify. If you think you qualify, send me a priavate message and I will see what I can do. If you think avatars are lame, that's okay too.
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