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independent. vote with the party that happens to make the most sense at the time. prefer centrist politicians, who understand there are two sides to a story... something sorely lacking in today's gerrymandered house of reps. yuck.

(a district that has been gerrymandered to include primarily votors of a particular persuasion will result in a more extreme candidate. E.g. if a neighborhood is democratic, the candidates will run on the promise of being the most democratic. Then we get nutty loonies that are (for example) either extremely religious and forget the freedom of religion aspect of the USA, or extremely tree-hugging and forget that the light bulbs we all love actually require some pollution to light up - even simply to make the light bulb. And so forth... the business owner above is exactly correct- taxing corporations will not drive revenue, it will drive them out of the country... yet making a more graduated income tax scheme will help the country. I'm off my high horse now!)
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