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G650 X is stalling

Hi rgarden. I'm new too. Just signed up today because I have the same stalling problem with my 2007 Xcountry and am looking for others with a common problem. I bought my bike as a demo with 500 miles on it in May 2008. I live in Wisconsin so I don't ride all year long but I've managed to put 10k miles on it so far. Stalling was evident last season but it was so intermittent that it wasn't worth complaining about. But, this year it's gotten way worse! Every so often it actually starts and stays running the first time but most often I have to restart it 2-5 times before it will stay running on its own. It's under warranty (although not for much longer) and so far my local dealer has reinstalled the computer's software and replaced the battery with a new Yuasa. I think that's a global upgrade from BMW for all X bikes but don't quote me. Ask your dealer about it to be sure. But, either way, that hasn't solved my problem. I found a few people on and with the same problem. My local dealer just told me yesterday that there's nothing they can do -- the bike is just cold-blooded. I refuse to accept that. There is definitely an issue with these bikes -- BMW just hasn't figured it out yet. More people need to make some noise. There's a guy in Houston who said he's been to all three of his local BMW dealers and they haven't been able to fix it. He's considering the lemon law. I'm going to check to see if I qualify.

Any others with this problem... please share your story with the community.

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