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There will be 4 cars in the range.

The Twizy is a tiny 2 seat city car smaller than a Smart. I doubt the production car will have much in common with the concept. If it does it will be one of the most bizarre looking cars on the road. Top speed is 46mph and range is 60miles.

The second is an electric van based on the popular Kangoo. This won't be all that different then what Citroen did with the Berlingo although the advertised range is a better.

The Zoe is a 2 door coupe. Advertised range is 100 miles and top speed is 87mph.

Fluence is a 4 door family sedan. 100 mile range. A PV array in the roof powers the Air Conditioning. I doubt that will make it to the production version.

More later.
The models and equipment (standard and optional) illustrated in this post reflect my misunderstanding of vehicles supplied by BMW AG to the German market. In other EU member states, the truthyness of my posts may vary. Please ignore this post. Subject to change.

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