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Originally Posted by Ron Stygar
Most people wouldn't notice the difference between these and the real ones. Real being the BMW ones. Only complaint I've heard is that you can feel the edge on the handle.
I had a set of the real ones on my '00 M coupe. Chrome is a pain in the ass if you touch it. Even if you don't touch it, somehow it looks like you did. I switched mine to body color, which looks much better on a lighter car. Chrome looks better on a darker car. Al's steel gray car with the chrome handles, mirrors etc. looks good. Al has the stick on handles.
I have some chrome under the hood. Problem with it is that the majority of people that see it, also have to touch it.
After a long time trying things, buying things and thinking about it, I came up with a way to do the top of the radiator that looks right. I will be chroming some but decided to powder coat the prototype for my car because of the pain with chrome.
Hey Ron, do you remember the guy that made the aluminum plate for the top of the radiator? It was polished and looked very good. He even posted a drawing with measurements.
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