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here's the email i just sent bmw:I would like to inform you that i have had a problem with my brand new bmw g650 xcountry 2009. I bought it in orlando in november 2008 but have it serviced at eurocycles in odessa florida closer to where i live. In May it started stalling when the engine was cold. Never when engine warm. I took it to the local bmw dealership in odessa fl. and they said that they "reprogrammed cip w/ update" and that it now worked. the next morning, when the engine was cold, it stalled again. and now it usually requires four or five starts to idle without stalling. sometimes nursing the throttle seems to help after several starts. sometimes it makes it stall. i took it back the dealership a week ago. just got a call from them today and was told it may be an ethanol problem.that i should nurse the throttle until the engine is warm. as i had already told them, giving it gas makes it stall too. sometimes, not very often it starts ok but you really have to wait for the engine to warm up whereas for the first 5 months of ownership of the bike i never had any problem using the same gas and not waiting very long for the engine to warm up. i guess the dealership now expects me to go and get my bike, but it is not fixed. I am at a loss and don't know what to do. should i undertake the procedure to have it purchased back. the dealership said they got in touch with you about my problem but there was no solution.
i would like to add that i bought a bmw because of the reputation for reliability and service. i sincerely hope you can suggest something helpful.the bike is still new. only1575 miles on it.

i sent this message on the 17 sept. been in touch by phone with motorrad usa about a refund. they have not made a decision yet and the bike keeps stalling!!!

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