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Originally Posted by stang_me1990 View Post
I like it.....I wish mine wasn't black now.

I would incorporate the tattoo i just gave myself that i got from my design on the seat for the trike i built if i had a different color.

do those paint pens come in different colors? i just picked up some spare doors, fender, trunk and hood for a $100 that are black that could maybe use some artwork.

anyhow....looks dam good
Yes, they come in multiple colors; check their website I'm sure you can get tons of them. The fine point that I used only came in a multi pack... so I have about 3 packs' worth of other colors if you want them. Seriously.

Originally Posted by BMW e36? View Post
Amber from a POV of your artistic talent, I love it. From a POV as a person who enjoys stock or slightly modified BMW's I can't say I like it as much. Overall though it's very unique and

I'm sorry Amber I had too,
You lil punk. I fixed it.

Originally Posted by jbomz3 View Post
That looks brill' kidder . A big from over the pond . I haven't been on here in what seems like an age and the top thread was this , anywho back to my deathbed , i've been diagnosed with swine flu about 12 hours ago so got quarantined and tamiflu for 7 days .
Really? I'm sorry to hear, you better NOT die! I hope you feel better very soon, and I'll send you a PM.

Originally Posted by E36 Phantom View Post
... We all kinda just ignore Amber (barbie) anyway. She's sort of our attitude and eye candy here, that's why we keep her around...