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Originally Posted by KruelHouse View Post
I thought about ordering it, but didn't know much about SuperSprint and their quality at that time. Nor did I have any idea of how it would sound, and I didn't want the X to sound like it belongs in the next Fast and the Furious offering. Honestly, I like the note of the I6 with the stock exhaust, just looking to amplify it a tad, and add a horse or two.
For my Z3, I was able to listen to sound clips and made up my mind quickly. It had a deep rumble. You could tell it was not stock when you get on the gas. When cruising, it just made a pleasant sound. Not too loud, not too quiet. My wife even loved it! Unfortunately, I asked "why not put one on your 530?" She said no to the expense!

I don't think you could go wrong with the SuperSprint. I may still order 1 for her car in the spring and sneak it on!

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