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How to open the black abs module.

I was not able to open i "nicely".

I ended up dremeling my way through.

I used a dremmel bit that looks a bit like the one the dentist uses. it like a little round head on a drill., will try to get a picture of it.

I used it along the ridge, close as you can see on the picture.

If you notice on the picture CN90 links to, its not opened up close to the connector.

This is because its hard to cut this side of the box.

I have found black silicone that will accept temperatures upto 300degress. i have used it to seal to box again.

I dont think that the rebuilder will be all that happy that you have opened the box. i expect that they will ship you another fixed abs box rather than the one you have sent in. But im not sure.

The price of a new abs module has decreased somewhat its down to approx 700eur.


At present i have purchased yet another sensor, and a new abs module, a bimmer scan to encode the new module(warning mine wouldnt code the damn module). working on getting new scanner and software, that will do this.

Before changing the sensor i had a sensor fault on my front right wheel. (hub, sensor, bearing etc has been changed on this wheel).
After changing it, it read wrong gear at one wheel. suspect that either i have the wrong sensor, or they have changed the hub to a wrong version.

At present i wish i had just dumped the car at the dealer and let them fix it. i have put in more than they would charge.


Does any one know how to measure/check the wheel sensor without a scanner ?
and does anyone know a scanner that will read live data from the abs module and let me code it to a new abs module ?
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