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Total Loss Accident... What do you think???

bad bad news, I just picked up an e30, 1990 318i in very good condition and runs excellent... stock. Was excited to do a few mods and upgrades. Tuesday night I was in an accident, rear ended a jeepat maybe 15-20 mph. oddly, I hit the spare wheel on the jeep, pushing my hood back, or bending it and pushing the grille in a little. the bumper/valence was untouched. It looked as if nothing in under the hood was touched either. Really, all that happened was the hood buckled upward and the grille came in a little, no liquids leaking at all.

Here's the thing, Geico has it at an approved shop and the adjuster called to tell me its a total loss! I can't believe that. I don't know these models in and out at all. But It really seemed cosmetic. I started it back up and drove it about 30 feet to an open spot on the curb and it drove fine. The adjuster said that real issue was that in this year and model, the front left and right fenders and radiator are one piece. the parts and labor for this he said are allegedly 3000+. I can't argue since I don't know, but I'm very skeptical that such little damage is totaling out a very clean car.

I thought this would be a good place to get some opinions on the reality of their findings. I know you can't give definitive answers not seeing the damage personally, but does this sound real to you? I thinking of having a second opinion. I want this car and might even take it as a salvage.

any thoughts?
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