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Originally Posted by neapolitan View Post
Silly accusation. Let's break it down...

Being a MT driver, I appreciate simplicity. This was a huge factor in choosing a MT back in the 1980s when auto trannys were younger -- I remember talking with my father about this, and I have always liked the theoretical lower cost due to the simplicity of manuals.

However, over time this argument becomes weaker -- even though I still drive a MT, I wouldn't really argue that it is more reliable than today's auto transmission. In fact, once autos get extremely reliable the viscous / hydraulic coupler may need less than a clutch plate replacement at 80k.

It's not an angry denial, but honestly, do you think that the failure point will be in an AWD clutch / transmission link / whatever in an old car, having two of them versus four? It's probably pretty low down on overall priorities. The weight issue IMO is more convincing.
You are assuming that the difference in reliability ONLY has to do with the components directly related to the AWD system - and I don't think that is the case. If you look at the data in the Consumer Reports, there is a general pattern of lower reliability in multiple systems.

BTW, let's be clear that we are generally not talking about huge differences in reliability. All things being equal, AWD is more complex and will probably require more upkeep than RWD. The differences may not be large though. If I really needed AWD, this certainly wouldn't give me a moment's pause, in fact.
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